Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quadruple Rolled Paper Beads - How to Video - Recycled Paper

Here's the video:


You can cut one of these out of cardboard and use it as a template. You can draw it onto your paper and then use scissors to cut it out. I prefer to just cut several layers of magazine at once with a blade. Be sure to use a metal ruler for this. I always find that the blade catches on the plastic ones and you'll ruin your plastic rulers that way.

You can make thicker beads by using a few layers of paper, but it's a bit of a pain with all those tabs flying around. Just have patience.

You can experiment with different sizes too. For example, measure out 1" to begin with, and use 1/4" and 1/8" markings. You'll end up with a 1" quadruple bead that way. Use different lengths of paper too. You can get all different types of beads just by playing around with your paper and measurements. 

If you don't have paper bead rollers, you can use a skewer or knitting needle. Keep in mind that the size of your hole will depend on the tool you use to roll with.

When you're done rolling, you can treat these the same way you'd treat any other paper bead. You can paint them and seal them if you wish.

Here's how I measured.
  1. I started with a 2" mark on the top and bottom of my magazine page.
  2. On the top, I made a mark every 1/2".
  3. Then, you can draw a line about 1" down from the top. Mark every 1/2" on that line.
  4. On the bottom, I made a mark every 1/4". I don't now why I did this, but it works. You could measure 1/4" on the bottom for your first mark, and then 1/2" marks the rest of the way across the bottom.
  5. Cut along the red. Start from the top left corner and cut down to the first 1/4" mark.
  6. Continue cutting along the red until you've cut out all the green. Save those scraps to make smaller beads.
  7. View the video to see how I cut and roll these beads.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Easiest Rolled Paper Beads - How to Video - Recycled Paper

These are the easiest rolled paper beads you'll ever make. 
There's no template required for these.
Just cut strips and start rolling. The longer/thicker the strips the bigger the bead could be. Experiment with different size strips and different size tools. 

As with all paper beads, you can coat them with sealer to use for various projects, and to make them last longer. 

I use a variety of things from wood hardener (from the hardware store) to Triple Thick (get that from Amazon). Try a few different things and decide what you like best. You can get a bunch of different varnishes from the craft store too.

Double Rolled Paper Beads - How to Video - Recycled Paper

I love making paper beads. There are so many different shapes you can make. 
Here is a quick video showing you how to make the double shaped bead.

I used recycled magazines.
Use your favourite sealer when you're done if you want to use them for jewellery, or make them last longer in general. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Saucer Beads - How to Video - Recycled Paper

Learn how to make saucer beads out of recycled magazines. 

You can paint them and/or seal them with wood hardener or any other type of sealer that you like. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Sunrise Cereal - Doodle Pattern

Check it out! Here's a pattern for you to use in your doodles. I call it Sunrise Cereal because that's what it is. A cereal by Nature's Path called Sunrise.